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  Company guidance  
  Company policy  
  Creation without opening and development mind  
  A company motto  
  I aim at improvement of production / technology / service in the quality control that is total
  The we Nomura industry worked hard at study to send a product of slightly good quality to visitor since the establishment of a business of 1936. Meanwhile, as a result of specialized materials in stainless steel, and concentrated on a press metal plate and die production by technology, and having repeated an effort, contribute to the fact || when get possible to offer a product of quality to be able to have satisfaction to a visitor with a state somehow, take pride.

We Nomura is industrial with your continued patronage and, as a base, I challenge steady quality control and product development day and night and know an inventive idea without getting tired and development mind when, at the same time, I want to plan advancement of improvement and service of technology.

I ask to be granted guidance, encouragement of redoubling when it is put to the visitor members.

President-Director  Masanori Nomura
  A company summary  
  A company name   Nomura industry Co., Ltd.  
  A representative   Masanori Nomura  
  The establishment of a business   March, 1936  
  The location   <The main office / Fuchuu factory>
1-13-3, Nishihara-cho, Fuchuu-shi, Tokyo
TEL 042-576-6131 FAX 042-577-2891

<Iwate factory>
Maesawa-cho, Isawa-gun, Iwate character Motosugi 128
TEL 0197-56-3107 FAX 0197-56-2619

  Capital   2,000 ten thousand yen  
  A banker   The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Fuchuu branch
The Chuuo, Tama credit association Fuchuu branch
The business and industry center safe Hachioji branch
The Bank of Iwate Maesawa branch
The North Japan bank Maesawa branch
  An employee   The main office / Fuchuu factory 30 people
Iwate factory 61 people
International interchange  
  Acceptance of a trainee  
  I go by way of IMM JAPAN from August, 1996 and start acceptance of an Indonesian trainee and wrestle with international interchange through guidance of a skill technically.
I built a trainee dormitory in Iwate factory in 2004, and five acceptance made preparations in an employee dormitory in main office factory.
I appear as of July, 2005, and but six Fuchuu factories, a trainee of three Iwate factories work hard at the skill acquisition as of acceptance with a total of 33 people trainees, a trainee cheerfully.
Bulletin "citizen of the world style" May, 2005 issue
(a trainee of our company Fuchuu factory to display a cover)
A trainee dormitory built in 2004
(in Iwate factory site)
  Technical cooperation with American mate company  
  Similarly it joins in a technical tie-up with American MATE company from 1996 and produces company ultra system CNCT die under license.  
  [the main office / Fuchu factory]
〒183-0046 1-13-3, Nishihara-cho, Fuchuu-shi, Tokyo
TEL 042-576-6131 
FAX 042-577-2891
      [Iwate factory]
〒029-4204 128, Motosugi,
Maesawa-ku, Ousyu-shi, Iwate
TEL 0197-56-3107
FAX 0197-56-2619
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