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It is finished with NC sauce bread, laser processing, press working, bending, welding
It is suggested by a design stage
NC supports a mass production product in pursuit of digitization.
I cope with trial manufacture / small quantity many kinds production by technology of mastery of skills.
An exact metal plate product
  Materials   Stainless steel (SUS 304, 430, the 316th class HL, NO ,4 ,# 400, two B)
Bonding steel plate, SPCC, aluminum, brass etc
  Thickness of a board   0.5t - 6t (cutting by laser processing is mild steel, t20 degree)  
  Stainless steel processing  
SUS 304 - HL 1.0t
(a point-of-sale terminal system housing)
SUS 304 - HL 0.8t
(an environment-related product)
SUS 304 - HL 1.2t (a device part)
SUS 304 - HL 1.2t (a device part)
SUS 304 - 1.5t buff finish
(a water supply device appearance part)
304 SUS - HL 0.8t (a device part)
A housing
A device part
SUS 304-2 B 2.0t (before painting)
1100x550x450 (a traffic light airplane housing)
Bonding steel plate 1.6t (a device part)
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NCT exchange government funds type
Sauce bread exchange government funds type
American mate company license production die
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